IT all starts here

Development Program

The FortisureIT Development program is a highly technical educational program that is designed to give students the best opportunity to succeed in the IT field. Our mission is to scale up our team while also offering students of our local area a great career opportunity.

IT Essentials

IT Essentials is the first class that is offered to all students going through our development program. The purpose of this course is to give students fundamental knowledge of a variety of different IT skills.

No prerequisite knowledge required!

Upon completion of IT Essentials, students are awarded a certificate of achievement, letter of recommendation, and students accepted to our internal training will prepare to take Data Science and Development.

3hrs per day

Mon - Thurs, June - July

Covering the following material

Computer Hardware




Server Management



    6hrs per day

    Mon - Thurs, August - December

    Covering the following material

    SQL Server Setup & Administration

    Database Design

    Defining and Manipulating Data

    Statistical Analysis

    Data Science

    Web & Application Design & Development

    Web Server Administration

Data Science and Development

Data Science and Development is the title for our second level internal training program. In this vigorous course, students will learn everything they would need to know to work with database management, data science, and full-stack web development.

Everything you would need to know!

After completing Data Science and Development, students are awarded a diploma for their success in the class. Successful completion of this program will also earn students an interview with our hiring team for a potential offer to start your career with FortisureIT.