Your M.A.P. to a Career with FortisureIT

FortisureIT aspires to create equal opportunity for individuals in Northeast Ohio, regardless of financial and educational background. This is the reason why we focus primarily on motivation, aptitude, and personality. Furthermore, we aim to build a large-scale organization from the bottom-up through two entry-level positions: Associate Data Analyst and Associate Software Developer.

Three Intangible Characteristics We Value:


A strong internal driving force for career growth, future leadership roles, learning and problem-solving.


A measure of ability to perform critical job functions along with future potential.


Characteristics and behavior that align with and promote organization culture including: Humility, Confidence, Collaborative Spirit and Perseverance.

Our Hiring Process

Image of Team at Desk

Our hiring process is designed to be simple and transparent.

  • 30-Minute Video Discussion
  • Aptitude Project Completion
  • In-person Interview with Staff
  • Reference Checks
  • Employment Offer

Team Member Benefits

On-site Workout Facilities

Positive Work Environment

Hybrid Work Schedule

Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance

Opportunities for Growth

Paid Vacation/Holidays

Programming & Automation

Man Programming at Desk
  • The Programming and Automation team focuses on client system enhancement/support, integration development, process automation and any custom development.
  • Entry-level position: Associate Software Developer
  • Entry-Level Period: 6 months including on-the-job training with mentoring.
People Building a Website

Technologies Used

  • Next.js
  • JS/jQuery
  • Docker
  • VS Code
  • GitHub

Data Analytics

People Working with Data
  • The Data Analytics team focuses on dashboards / reports, data manipulation, data warehousing and data migration.
  • Entry-level position: Associate Data Analyst
  • Entry-Level Period: 6 months including on-the-job training with mentoring.
People Connecting Technologies with Data

Technologies Used

  • Excel
  • SQL
  • Power BI
  • Azure
  • Python