(pronounced for-ti-sure-eye-tea)

Our Name...

The name FortisureIT comes from 'Fortitude' and 'assure'. We 'assure' clients that we will give them what they desire most which is 'peace of mind' (fortitude). In other words, 'Peace of mind assured' is our commitment to our clients.

A Message From

the Chief Operating Officer

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Our Business...

We are in the business of IT services and our primary objective is to help our clients improve the efficiency of their operations and revenue generation capability. We will achieve this by a thorough analysis of all their data and by the development of intelligence solutions to help them make optimal decisions.







Our 'Vision' is to build an everlasting dependable IT services business in the USA that consistently delivers, at a fair price, high quality near shore outsourcing options for our clients.


Our 'Mission' which started with the creation of the Center of Excellence in Akron, Ohio to support the communities in this state, will continue until we have extended our reach and presence across the country developing local talent as we expand to meet local client needs. Our dream is to extend this concept globally when we are ready, which implies our Mission 'never ends'!

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    Identify and Develop Promising Talent
  • Identify human resources locally direct from colleges, train them on our way of doing IT services, teach them our work ethics and guide them to excel at their work. Our ability to perfect our process of employee selection and their development is key to ensure we excel in client delivery.

  • Always Add Value To Clients
  • Whatever assistance we provide to our client should help them improve their operational efficiency, their customer relationship and growth which in turn, should lead to a long-term sustainable relationship amongst all three of us. Unless a client gets value from us, we can never build an enduring relationship.

  • Develop Leaders
  • We will always develop leaders from within to ensure all of us believe in the same business ideology and have the same professional values. This in turn will empower them to guide our new employees in understanding our company values and inspire them to become future leaders themselves.

  • Choose the Right Client
  • We will create opportunities for employee career growth by ensuring our business grows. Our ability to select the right client is key for employee and business growth and we will invest time and effort in making the right choice. Business growth with the right clients is critical for our long-term success.

  • Prioritize Good Business over Profit
  • It is important for a business to provide a fair return on its investment. However, while we will be profitable as a business, we will never compromise on any of the above four values just to provide our business a fair return on investment. We believe both can co-exist i.e. 'Adhering to company values and delivering a fair return on investment'.

The Road to FortisureIT

FortisureIT has established a well-structured development program that is data and programming focused. Having cultivated a reliable leadership team, we are continuing to expand our toolbox to take care of dynamic customer needs.

After 5 years of unsuccessful attempts at identifying an IT business leader with shared values, Mani finally met Scott Arnold who also believed in his vision. The pair make plans to start FortisureIT in 2018 with the purchase of our office building. The company was founded on the premise to become a major technology employer.

Mani presided as Executive Chairman of Keane, until its acquisition by the Japanese conglomerate NTT DATA.

Caritor grew to over 3,500 employees across four continents, and they recorded an annual revenue of $150 million.

Mani co-founded with Marv Mouchawar in 1996 Influence Software, a business intelligence product software company & sold it to then Nasdaq listed company Informatica in 1999.


Rob Kozak joined the team in 2019 and is now our Executive Director (Client Excellence). The renovation of the office building owned by FortisureIT Holdings LLC was completed in mid 2020 when Scott came on board full-time as the CAO, who started building our team and is now our Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Mani and his family start Fortisure LLC to support promising opportunities in technology business. In addition, the Subramanian family wanted to serve communities and help other causes & this brought Mani to Akron/Canton, OH in 2012.

With $1B of funding from Citibank, Mani architected the buy-out of Keane, a Boston-based company over six times Caritor's size in terms of revenue.

IT Solutions is rebranded as Caritor.

Mani, a Mechanical Engineer and a Post Graduate in Business Adminstration from India, with over 22 years of management experience in the global information technology industry which included TCS and Wipro, left his last job as President & CEO of Wipro Systems in August 1992 to start his entrepreneurial journey in 1993 in San Francisco when as a new immigrant with a capital of just $150,000 he founded IT Solutions, Inc.

Our Leadership Team