Our Story


Mani Subramanian
founded Fortisure Ventures LLC in San Francisco, California on January 5th, 2011. He runs this company along with his two co-founders and daughters Priyal and Meghna Subramanian. The name Fortisure represents our commitment to clients, employees and the community. Over the years they have participated in helping start-ups and supporting meaningful causes.

consist of two words, "fortitude" and "assurance" these words encompass our values as a company. Fortitude is derived from the Latin word, "fortis", meaning strength, courage, and bravery in most challenging times. To facilitate this confidence, one needs the comfort of "assurance" and peace of mind looking toward the future. Fortisure was created based on these ideals and the notion that we would provide companies, partners and their employees with the strength, courage, bravery and the support they need for the future.

FortisureIT reflects that same commitment. This time, it is a commitment to our clients nationally, to our employees, and to the Akron-Canton community, with aspirations of reaching communities globally.

Our Founder

With 40 years
of management experience in the global information technology industry, Mani started his entrepreneurial journey in 1993 when, as a new immigrant with a capital of $150,000, he founded IT Solutions. Subsequently re-branded as Caritor in 2003, the company grew to over 3500 employees over four continents with an annual revenue of $150 million in 2006. In 2007, with funding of $1 billion from Citibank, Mani engineered the buy-out of Keane, a Boston-based company over six times Caritor's size in terms of revenue. Mani presided as Executive Chairman of Keane until its acquisition by the Japanese conglomerate NTT Data on December 30, 2010.

Mani also
co-founded Influence Software, a business intelligence company, jointly with Marv Mouchawar in 1996 which was sold to Informatica, formerly listed in Nasdaq as INFA, in December 1999.

In 2011,
Mani and his family have founded Fortisure Ventures to support promising opportunities in technology business. He and his family established Fortisure Foundation in 2011 to serve communities and causes important to their interests.