Transforming IT Services
From Training to Support

Our long-term plan is to build a nationally respected competitive IT consulting firm based in Akron/Canton, OH. We will train local young professionals in IT services to serve customers across Ohio and throughout the country while providing high-quality service at a competitive price.

In the short term, we will train local young professionals in the areas of technical help desk, system administration and network management and offer them as employees to interested customers in the community.

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Providing Exceptional Service while Exceeding Expectations

With a management team led by an individual with over 40 years of success in the IT services industry, we know what it takes to provides results while building strong and lasting relationships with our customers.

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Our Commitment to Community

We are committed to growth and employment in the Akron-Canton community. We operate out of our 15,000 sq ft training and consulting facility in Akron and have a strong relationship with Stark State College in Canton where Fortisure Foundation has established the Fortisure Finishers program to provide scholarships to exceptional students who have successfully obtained technical certifications.

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A Top Quality Training Program

Our team is trained in-house in skills such as technical helpdesk, system administration, and network management. Our customer relationship program also prioritizes building a strong work ethic and strong customer support skills among team members. We also have a strong management training program to develop our next generation of leaders. At present we are looking for highly motivated local high school graduates to join the team. Program fees are covered entirely by FortisureIT.

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