Our Leadership Team

Mani Subramanian

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mani founded FortisureIT in January 2018 but his vision for the company dates back to 2011-12 when his passion to create IT services jobs locally in the US brought him to the Midwest. He used his 40+ years of leadership experience in Global IT services to lay the foundation for a company that could create job opportunities in our community and also be recognized globally. It took over 5 years of many visits to Akron/Canton, OH and innumerable deliberations on the ideal execution strategy for the business concept to ultimately take shape. Finally when he met Scott Arnold in Akron, OH through a mutual acquaintance in May 2017, he was convinced he had the right person to work with him to build the IT services company that he had dreamt of.

That decided, he brought Scott onboard part-time in January 2018 to implement his plan to realize his vision over a three year time frame. Mani worked with Scott to first build the infrastructure required, secondly got him to design a Technical Career Development Program that could train newly hired employees from high school and colleges from 2019, thirdly start building a team and lastly have Scott come on board full time as the CAO of the company in June 2020. FortisureIT is now positioned to become over time a reputed Business Analytics organization which could provide valuable insights in business decision making to companies in many industries.

Scott Arnold

Chief Analytics Officer

Scott was born and raised in Akron, Ohio and developed a love for technology and solving problems at a young age. He attended a Career-Technical IT program during high school at Portage Lakes Career Center which led him to starting a career in the IT field. Scott went on to earn a B.S. in Information Systems Management at the University of Akron and an MBA at Malone University. He also received a Career-Technical Teacher Education certificate from Kent State University.

Scott has a diverse background working over 15 years in many areas of Information Technology including Technical Support, Networking, Business Intelligence, Web Application Programming, Data Modeling, Data Analysis/Reporting, IT Strategy/Planning, IT Management and Instructing. Scott joined FortisureIT initially as an Advisory Consultant to create the initial training program along with facilitating the steps necessary for the company to begin operations. He joined full-time in June 2020 and is tasked with leading the organization to provide exceptional technical services and products to create value for clients.

Rob Kozak

Solutions Architect

Rob was born and raised in Valley View, OH and came to FortisureIT from MRI Software in which he was a Solutions Consultant. He brings a strong background in database knowledge along with working with end users to develop technical solutions. He earned a B.S. in Digital Sciences with a minor in Computer Science from Kent State University. Rob joined FortisureIT in July 2019 and is tasked with architecting technical solutions that exceed client expectations along with coordinating and mentoring technical resources to ensure successful project completion.

Brandon Taylor

Resource Developer

Brandon was born and raised in Akron, OH and came to FortisureIT from a Career-Technical IT program in which he was a student of Scott Arnold. He is currently pursuing a B.S. in Computer Information Systems at the University of Akron. Brandon joined FortisureIT in July 2018 and is tasked with ensuring the highest quality of content and delivery of our career development program along with finding the best local talent to join our organization. Brandon is also tasked with ensuring the technical competence of trainees and continually improving content as Information Technology changes.