FortisureIT Training Program:

The FortisureIT training program is highly flexible and classes can be taken on evenings and weekends to accommodate existing work and family responsibilities. Once successfully completed, our goal is to place the trained technicians at companies identified by us. Our goal in the longer term is training such technicians on outsourced engagements with clients when they will have further opportunity to grow their skills through ongoing training programs.

We are looking to employ highly motivated young adults and students who have recently graduated or will soon be graduating from high schools.

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Skills-based Training:

Our program at present focuses on developing skills in technical help desk, system administration, and network management.

Customer Relationship Training:

We believe that a strong work ethic among employees is critical to exceeding client expectations. Our training program focuses on building a good work ethic in trainees to make them go the extra distance to meet customer expectations. We also educate trainees on how to build lasting trust with customers. Trainees will learn that while profit-making is important, it should not come at the expense of customers or employees.

Next Generation Management Training:

Once we transform ourselves to be a consulting company, exceptional professionals will have opportunities to be trained so as to become the next generation of leaders at FortisureIT providing they are able to get total customer acceptance through the quality of their work.

FortisureIT Training Costs:

The FortisureIT’s training program costs will be covered by FortisureIT.

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